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List of Javascript API Resources, Forums and Widgets

Question asked by Georgie.Cassar on Jul 14, 2014

Hi there,


I have done a bit of coding in the JavaScript API by modifying existing downloaded applications or samples from ESRI's official API doco. I am still a bit of a novice though. I am trying to get my head around all the online resources available to me to help me build more applications.  (preferably AMD friendly)


So far I have found the following.  Can anyone add to this please ?


ESRI JavaScript API reference and samples

ESRI's GitHub page that lists widgets and code samples

ArcGIS Online downloadable applications

ArcGIS for Local Government and the like  (downloadable maps and apps)

This forum (I have just discovered and its great)


Where do you all get your widgets from and share your code for others to use ?

Are there other forums that focus on JS PI too ?