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The Teaching of Geography in Australia?

Question asked by Zzrhersc on Jul 14, 2014

Curriculum Issue:

For several decades, Geography has not been a curriculum subject taught in Australian primary/elementary, or junior secondary schools. It has been offered as an elective subject of study in Senior Secondary (Years 11 and 12) schools. Integrated social science subjects variously named Social Studies, or Study of Society and Environment (SOSE) have held sway for over 25 years.


Curriculum Initiative:

But not any more. Geography is back in the National Curriculum developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Agency (ACARA - see for details).


Curriculum Question:

How might Australian educators make up for the deficit in geographical knowledge, practical and field skills, intellectual processes and affective aspects of learning in society as a result of these past 25+ years, especially in our accredited and registered teachers who are required to teach Geography to current students (Prep - Year 12)?