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Is it possible to convert SQL view table to SDE feature class?

Question asked by ezreal on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Leandermen

Hello there, I got an SQL view table in Microsoft SQL Server Management studio 10. The database where the view table resides is connected with the ArcCatalog so I can access it from ArcCatalog. Now it is possible to make a SDE feature class of tables in my database, but for some reason I can't convert my SQL view table to SDE feature class. The steps Im doing is just right clicking the table name, manage and then press on register in geo database. My question is - is it possible to convert my SQL view table to SDE feature class, or do I need to take another approach? Thanks beforehand.


EDIT: On a sidenote, I've saw that you need to do sdetable command and such, but those commands take two tables as input. I only made a VIEW from 1 table to filter out some columns, so you could say of the 1 table with 12 columns I've made a view table out of it that contains 8 columns. So I wonder if it is still possible to make a VIEW > SDE feature class out of it even though the VIEW table consists of only 1 table.


Second edit: This the query that I made to make my view table:


CREATE VIEW panden_view_schadevrij

AS SELECT [Status]



  FROM [database].[schemaEsri].[BAG_file]


I see that other queries involved several other tables but I cannot understand how it is build up.