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Adding & Georeferencing OS Street View Map Data

Question asked by lukeyf94 on Jul 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by ashbury444

Hi there, I am creating a new project in ArcMap and need to use OS Street view map data.


I am using the SO grid tile. However within this there are another 400 files or tiles which breaks down this SO area. It comes as TIFF files but is not georeferenced. Therefore, I have to zoom to layer to see the street view images and hence is not viewable with the rest of my layers in the project. However within the download, as well as the TIFF files, there is a separate georeferencing folder that has a TFW or TAB file for each TIFF tile. I have not dealt with this sort of georeferencing before (Only used adding control points option) and I cant seem to come across an instruction guide for this.


So basically, how can do I georeference this map data so it shows with the rest of my layers? Finally how would I tile the different files?


Best wishes.