Shortest Path in Transport Network

Discussion created by nodnud on Aug 9, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by callinas
I am performing shortest path analysis on a public transport system in which I have many bus routes. Obviously some transfers are necessary to gain access to every part of the city. The junctions in my network are where routes cross each other. Does anyone know of a way to limit the amount of turns (in reality; bus transfers) that the route takes to, say, 2 transfers? When I run the closest facility function in network analyst I get paths that have many bus transfers, sometimes back to a bus it was on previously! I realise that this is in fact the shortest path and by limiting the amount of transfers it is lengthening the path but it just isn't realistic. Maybe there is a tool other than the closest facility function that I am overlooking that is better suited to the task? Something that allows constraints?

There are also some routes that don't overlap and involve a short walk to make the transfer. I have a layer with the road network too so is there a way of linking the two but making the bus routes a higher priority?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!