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What is a high end system build for a computer to run ArcGIS

Question asked by cameron on Jul 13, 2014
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1. I'm going to be taking my fourth year in Geomatics at school and would like to build a new pc to run specifically ArcGIS for my thesis. I've found the minimum system requirements to run the program like my 5 year old laptop and does not preforms anywhere near where I would like it to. What are the best hardware recommendations for running ArcGIS within 2000$ budget. Ive added a list of the parts I'm thinking of getting but is there anything that I should consider upgrading like to an i7 or quad channel and more ram that will have significant performance increase?


I' thinking of putting in

i5-4690K 3.9 Ghz 4 cores/ 4threads

CPU cooler for overclocking

Dual channel 2133Mhz 16 GB 9 cas

250 GB SSD 540 Mbps read/write speeds

3TB Hard drive  7200Rpm

Asus ATX A motherboard z97

Asus R9 290  4GB Video card

Windows 8.1 pro

Blu-ray/cd drive



Thank you