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Handling 2s in cost path analysis ouput ArcMap 10.1

Question asked by subburayalu.1 on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Dan_Patterson


I am trying to compute shortest distance to stream from various point locations on the landscape. I am using the cost path tool in spatial analyst to do this . I am using a DEM as a cost distance raster and flow direction raster as a cost back link raster. The tool runs fine. What I see is where there are points close to each other multiple paths merge( as it is supposed to according to the algorithm).

"When multiple paths merge and follow the remaining distance back to a source on the same route, the segment where the two paths travel together is assigned the value 2. The merged portion of the path cannot be assigned the value of one of the paths, since the merged portion belongs to both routes."

I am later converting this cost path raster layer to a polyline to compute geographic distances of each path. But the problem is with these lines coded as "2". They are not attached to the parent line. How do I covert cost path to polylines( one line for each point from source to destination). Any help would be greatly appreciated.I tried the unsplit lines tool but it still puts the "2s" as separate line segment.