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XML Error in ClusterLayer file

Question asked by bokeefe on Jul 11, 2014
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I'm working with custom built Javascript maps made by an ESRI contract YEARS AGO...

I inherited them (lucky me).

Now they are throwing errors and I get to figure out why, yay!


We did an upgrade to 10.2 from 10.1 and suddenly our Test and Dev environments crashed.

Our production is fine.


The weird thing is... the Dev environment was upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2 but the Test and Prod were not.

Test and Dev no longer work but Prod does.


We moved some databases from Oracle to SQL so I'm assuming that might be part of the problem but I can't figure out what to do at this point?!


I started by getting an error, a javascript alert that said: xml [objectError]


So I broke it down until I could READ the error... I used the following code:

function objToString (obj) {
    var str = '';
    for (var p in obj) {
        if (obj.hasOwnProperty(p)) {
            str += p + '::' + obj[p] + '\n';
    return str;


I passed the [object Error] to this function and got a MASSIVE error screen.

11JUL14 - XML Error Object.png

The web apps this error is happening are legacy and critical. They were also written by keyboard monkeys.

The dojo references are:


I'm lost... does anyone have any ideas?