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ArcGIS Online Database Queries

Question asked by bt_kdunaway on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by brysageek

Hello all,


Excuse me if this sounds like a super noobish question, i've never worked with ArcGIS Online before and have little iOS knowledge.



I have an ArcGIS Online database storing information about houses.  Typical stuff, name, address, etc.


I have an iOS app that displays the map, using the portal login/oauth login examples.


I want to edit the information in the database from the app.


I somewhat understand the feature layer concept but not totally.  I saw the FeatureLayer Editing example and was going to jump into implementing that but thought about just database queries.


Without adding a FeatureLayer to my app, can i simple query the database for information, and edit the table field values?

I don't ever need to add a new house, or edit the geometry, just the data about it.  To my understanding this isnt in the FeatureLayer.


I thought by getting the data from the database tables, and just setting the values with the changes would work.


Any help would be appreciated.