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Browser Operations Dashboards Broken?

Question asked by arepsher on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by arepsher

Has anyone else had ALL of the browser versions of their Operations Dashboards stop working over the last week?


All I am getting is a basemap - no layer content, no widget content....


OD version


The dashboards were created under a previous version, I believe.


On a hunch, I had my analyst create a quick and dirty new Web Map in ArcGIS Online and a quick OD....  It works.


This is completely frustrating.  There are so many moving parts and no way to recover after a single update that I have no control over!  How can I use this for a production application if I have no ability to test before new versions of things are pushed out?  It has been the norm to have to completely re-create all Web Maps in Web GIS then in Operations Dashboard....