Recent issues with opening an offline map on Collector Android

Discussion created by PBarker-esristaff Employee on Jul 10, 2014

If you have recently updated a map (since July4th)  and downloaded it to your device and are seeing a crash on opening the offline map can you please share the map with us.  We are trying to troubleshoot the issue and put in a fix if possible before the User Conference but have been unable to reproduce the problem in house.



As a work around updating the symbology for the map/layer seems to resolve the issue but if you have downloaded a map and it is crashing can you please zip up the offline data folder on your device and email it to Collector4ArcGIS@esri.com and if possible share the map to a new group and invite the user Collector4ArcGIS so that we can try to track this down before the update we have going out in a few days.