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Errors Enable Time on a Spatial View

Question asked by WarrenDz on Jul 10, 2014



I'm attempting to publish a time-aware/time-enabled service from a spatial view.


So far, the content of the spatial view works fine (without time enabled) and renders correctly both on desktop (v10.1) and within the published service. However when I do enable time and open the Time Slider to view the data I receive an ArcMap Drawing Error indicating that it 'Failed to parse the where clause'. I've reviewed the data to ensure that the field referenced by the Time Slider is entirely populated and contains no strange values, so that doesn't appear to be causing the issue.


As well, I've exported a subset of content from the spatial view and have enabled time on the feature class from within a File Geodatabase and this appears to solve the issue and does not produce a ArcMap Drawing Error.


Has anyone experienced this before, or know if it's a known incompatibility?