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Data Driven Pages: Raster and Legend text not updating

Question asked by t.faull on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by thanos_cp78



I have a raster dataset displaying a gravity grid. I have 20 pages and want DDP to stretch the min-max colour ramp for each view extent (rather than using the entire raster dataset). However, for every exported page it is using the min-max of the first page's view extent and not updating it for each subsequent page.


The max colour is black and the min is white. BOTH these colours should be seen on each page as the view should stretch the scale for each extent. however from page 2 onwards, this is not the case.


Furthermore, the min and max values of the raster are not updating for each page. The values from the first page are kept for all 19 other pages!


any ideas on how to refresh the view extent for each DDP page and get the min/max values appearing dynamically??? this must be a glitch.