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Export GIS-data to Illustrator at small scale

Question asked by pippina on Jul 9, 2014



I have made a map in ArcView and did all the settings with data frame settings etc. Now I want to export the whole thing to Illustrator, using export -> name.AI etc. Everything is working EXCEPT that one shapefile always will be exported as one whole layer, filling the whole page. Other students of my university have the same problem. Do you know what we can do? The shapefile can be found here: The shapefile is in the "switzerland-latest" file, and then the "natural"-shapefile. Oh I forgot to mention that the shapefile will be correctly exported when the map is made in a bigger scale (like whole Switzerland or Germany) but not in a smaller scale like 1:100.000...



Sorry for my very bad English. I hope someone can understand and help me.