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offline non-spatial table woes

Question asked by mcoop05 on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by mcoop05

Is there a trick to get the non-spatial tables to download to an offline geodatabase with all the records? currently, only the records from tables that participate in a relationship are extracted.  I saw in the documentation that this is the expected "default" behavior.  So, I assumed I needed to explicitly set the "queries" property on the AGSGDBGenerateParamaters to pull down all the records, but haven't had any luck with that method either.  I've tried using the AGSGDBQueryOptionAll property and also tried explicitly setting the where clause for each layer to "1=1" and they both result in empty tables.


The generateGeodatabaseWithParameters documentation says that you can set the parameters property to nil and it will download all layers and tables.  This doesn't appear to work.  It only downloads the spatial layers and attachment tables but ignores all other non-spatial tables regardless of whether they participate in relationships or if they are just standalone tables.  Is there a simple way to download everything in the feature service without setting queries for each layer?


One more related question:  How are the sync models determined? My feature service only supports "perLayer" and does not support "perReplica".  Is there a list of requirements to satisfy before your feature service is allowed perReplica sync?  Maybe this is the root cause with the above issues?