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ArcMap - opening esri TiledBaseMaps

Question asked by lee.colclough on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by s.arndtesri-de-esridist

I need to generate a basic tiled map package (tpk file) for quite a small area.  I understand that I can do this by loading the basmap for export ( into ArcMap and generate the tpk from there.


However, I cannot seem to get that basemap to open in ArcMap.  If I browse the URL via a browser I get a token request.  If I Add it as a GIS server to ArcMap the server appears but with no content.


I'm not a GIS professional - I'm a software engineer trying to complete a small support job (generate this map) using a trial version of ArcMap - and assess the tool for purchase at the same time.  Can anyone help?


Any pointers / information will be very gratefully received - many thanks.