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Web Map not showing same date as published mxd

Question asked by etylerNwwsd on Jul 9, 2014
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So we have a tool we run each morning that updates a table with information that our meter tech people need. this table is joined to a meter location layer that is in our sde. But because you can't publish a joined layer our tool creates a new FC out of the join and puts the new FC in a file GDB. We then have this mxd published to our AGS then we created a web map on AGOL that hits this service. Then our meter tech people use their iPads to access the web map with Explorer. Everything seems to work fine. the new data that is updated every morning is reflected in the web map. For example we had 311 records yesterday in the published mxd. and we had 311 records showing up in the web map. And today we ran the tool and we had 322 records in the mxd and 322 records in the web map.


However. one of the fields in our table in the new FC that was created from the join is called "Read date" we can't seem to figure out why this is different in our published mxd and our web map. the web map table always reads a day behind. So for example we ran the tool today and the field has a read date of 7/9/2014 but whne we look at the same table in our web map it reads yesterdays date of 7/8/2014.


We do know that the data is being updated because we compare and look at both data sets. it's just the weird date thing going on.


Anybody else experience this issue.