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Authentication using APP ID + SECRET

Question asked by marius_tabletcommand on Jul 8, 2014
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I'm working on replacing Apple maps with ESRI maps on our current application ( The goal is to allow departments to use their (private) ESRI maps on the iPad.


To achieve this, I thought that we'd ask each of our clients to create in their ESRI account an iPad app, with APP ID and SECRET, then save this in our online backend. We'll sync those back to the iPad then initialise the ESRI maps using the APP_ID and SECRET. The problem I'm having with this approach is that after the ArcGIS SDK is 'authorised', I can't access any private or org items (web maps). Performing a REST search with that org ID returns only the public items.


When I'm preforming the same REST search, as an authenticated user, I can see all the user's private items and items from other users that shared with that org.


Can you explain what is the purpose of the APP ID + SECRET authentication? Once I'm authenticated using this method, what items are visible to that app? I'm interested in accessing the web maps and their associated layers.


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