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results from a routeTask, values of Infinity?

Question asked by schlot on Jul 8, 2014

I have some older code I'm trying to get moved to a new server without having to complete rewrite this in AMD.  I have a routeTask that take either a geoLocation or a geocoded point and uses them as stops in my RouteParameters.  When I execute my RouteTask, there are no errors and I can see results, but the directions returns all paths with Infinity, Infinity, rather than the coordinates I expected to see.  My input is set to wkid = 102100 and the I have the spatialReference set to that as well. 


I had this code working just fine using a 10.0 route service.  My new server is 10.2.2.  I wouldn't have thought there was a huge difference between the output of the RouteTask, but maybe there is.


I'm having problems navigating the API Reference.  I'm hoping it means there are more upgrades coming and not that something is just falling apart at ESRI today!