How to reduce number of contours?

Discussion created by lukeyf94 on Jun 17, 2014
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Hi there,

I am currently exploring a project on flood risk along the River Severn in the UK. I am using future precipitation projections from the UKCP09 model and given topography is very important as to how catchments respond to rainfall, I have added a contour map using SRTM data available for the UK here:

It looks good however is there a way to simplify the number of contours on the map? As you can see in Figure 1 (attached), especially over Wales, it looks rather messy and is blocking out the data from the precipitation projections. If it could show contours say every 100m/150m/200m that would be even better?

I so, where do I need to go for this and if there is code involved say using a calculator, what would I need to use?