Update GeoFence value in real-time? (Field Enricher (FS)?)

Discussion created by t.paschkeesri-de-esridist Employee on Jun 16, 2014
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is it possible to update an enriched value from a feature service in real-time?

My scenario is the following:
A vessel is moving along a river which is separated into segments that are characterized by water level. Each segment is subject to different permissions depending on the water level.
The different segments of the river are my GeoFences which include the value of the water level. I would like to alter the value of the GeoFences via a JavaScript website and have the GEP react to the changes in real-time (alerts if water level drops too low/high), while the vessel is inside of a GeoFence.
I tried to work with a GeoTag and FieldEnricher but the FieldEnricher is not updating the value in real-time (only in 1min time intervals). Is there a possibility to change the values of a GeoFence and include it in a GeoEvent Definition, while the moving object is inside of the GeoFence?


Thanks a lot.