multimodal transport switches

Discussion created by nadeem41 on Jun 12, 2014
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dear all experts and scholar,
i have a unique issue while preparing and working on network datasets. i have two datasets one for road travel and 2nd for rail travel, there are switches between rail and road to switch from one network on another network. this is about dataset i have. but i need a special kind of functionality for this network. condation1: when start point and end point both are on road network route must be on road network. condation2: when start point and end point both are on rail network route must be on rail network. condation3: when one point is on rail network and other on rail network then route use the switch between two networks to shrift. so far i am unable to implement these condations so far.
problem: the route do not follow above rules and draw a route which is more favorable[ATTACH=CONFIG]34566[/ATTACH]