Shortlist Marker Icons Not Showing on Internal Hosted Site

Discussion created by tommyguns11 on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by tommyguns11
Hello folks.  I'm developing a custom shortlist for testing and the marker icons are loading but showing up as broken.  I have not modified any code regarding the markers in js, css or html.  My default Browser is IE10, and the scripts all point to the correct file location on the server.  I'm wondering if it's a js issue, or a configuration issue with the host.  Everything else works, but the markers.  They're in the right location, just not loading the .png.  Pleas see the attachment.  Disregard the 3 tiles that are broken, I haven't finished those yet.  Any help, advise or suggestions are much appreciated!

Can't wait to talk to some of you folks at the UC in SD!  Story maps have so much potential!

Tom B.