Track Gap Detector at 10.2.1

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Hello All,

I know that there is a generalized explanation of what the gap Detector is HERE, but I am looking for either some examples of use within a process or some tutorials.  I have not been successful setting up what I thought should be a very easy email notification of when a data stream stopped, but I am having no success.

I have a lightning strike feed from WeatherBug that covers Pennsylvania.  I use a GEP "Receive Text from a TCP Socket" in client mode and send a handshake message to authenticate.  When there is no lightning activity, the service sends a "keep-alive" message (in the message, the lightning type code "9" tells me it is a keep-alive message so that I can filter it out) every 15 seconds.  After about 6 to 8 hours, the remote server sends a "RESET" packet to my server and then stops sending messages.  I have talked to the data provider, and they simply say that I need to have my software send a new connect message....

So right now, I am simply trying to have GEP send an email message for when it doesn't hear a message from the data provider after 20 seconds.  I set that up, along with an email output, with no success:

What might I be doing wrong?  I am trying to test this setup, but it will not respond when I simply stop the input.  I have set up a GeoEvent Simulator with a stream of 5 packets.  After the 5 packets are sent, no email.

I also am wondering if and when I get this actually working, how am I supposed to tell what the event is?  A stopping of the stream or a start of the stream?  I don't believe that there is a new GeoEvent Definition created....