Maps shared with "Everyone" are not searchable on collector

Discussion created by tpcolson Champion on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by russell_roberts-esristaff
[ATTACH=CONFIG]34478[/ATTACH]From within my Orgaziation AGOL account, I have created a web map with a single (World Topo) base map and an editable FS. The map, FS, and is shared with everyone.

While logged into my AGOL organization account, I can search and edit features from the map. While logged in to AGOL using a non-organizational (free public account), I can search for the map and edit features. I can also search and find the many dozens of other web maps that are shared with everyone in my organization.

When logged into collector on Android or IOS, with my organizational account, I can ONLY search (and find) the map(s) and FS(s) that I have created that are under my account. I cannot search for, or see, other maps that others in my organization have made, that are shared with everyone.

Others, in my organization, cannot search, nor find, nor edit, the web map that I have created, and shared with everyone (public). The FS and SD are also "Public".

Is there another undocumented special sharing setting that must be turned on so that this web map is available to other collector users in my organization?