House numbers join to street names

Discussion created by rajtarchristie on Jun 2, 2014
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I've been struggling with this problem for a few days now and would like some suggestions or advice so I don't have to edit over 5k records by hand.

I have cad drawings of city lots (labeled by house numbers) and street names.
I can import these into ArcMap without a problem and spatially join house numbers (as pts) to the corresponding lot polygons (Also- as you can see in the img, the house numbers are on the side of the lot adjacent to the street they belong to).
I attached an image of what I want to do.


I imported the street names as pts into Arc as well, however I can't join these logically as 1:many since my "road polygon" is one continuous polygon. What I wanted to do was spatially join these by boundary eventually.
What I need to do is somehow add these street names to the house numbers.

I was thinking of adding polylines to the CAD dwg however this would take me a very long time and I wouldnt be able to ensure integrity of the new dwg.

Does anyone have any suggestions?