ArcGIS Sever 10.2.2 not generating/serving some map tiles

Discussion created by cchallis on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by dcoley
It seems I have a server that is not generating/serving some map tiles. This crashes the ESRI component in our application with an exception about being unable to read the image stream. In the rest/services folder I can view the map using the ArcGIS Javascript API, but if I zoom in to enough detail the tiles cease to be created/displayed.


Cache settings are 512x512, PNG24, create tiles on demand, create cache manually after publishing. The scale starts at 1:250,000,000 and steps down to 1:8000. The storage format is compact and clients are allowed to cache the tiles locally. I can't upload the map to the forums due to a bad gateway error so here's a link to it:

Has anyone seen anything similar? This exact same map document works fine on our 10.1 and 10.0 servers and displays without any issues - it's just the 10.2.2 server that's the problem. I've tried re-installing server and web adaptor to no avail.