Use Arcpy to manipulate Representation Legend Properties

Discussion created by MG1986 on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by mshukun1
I have a Unique Values layer file (.lyr) that has a couple dozen unique value symbols in it.  I have been working for a while to get a python script tool to apply this symbology to an ouput from the script tool, and then put it into an active MXD.  Then when it is put in the MXD,  I want to be able to remove some of the symbols in the Table of Contents, while retaining all the symbology in the Dataframe.  After a week of searching, I found Representations have the ability to give me this functionality, using the Legend Options menu in the Symbology tab for that Representation, pictured below.


Plus I found out that Representations have Arcpy functionality to create and add them to layers and such, but there is absolutely no way I can find to replicate in Arcpy the functionality the Legend Options menu gives you.  This is the very last aspect of a tool I am working on at work, and this is driving me crazy.  Why does ESRI not provide Arcpy functionality to manipulate every single menu option you can do in the Arcmap GUI, even the small, insignificant ones like the Legend Options on the Representation properties menu?