Error opening designer: "...You must call Runtimemanager.Bind..."

Discussion created by chaviland on May 23, 2014
Using the ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit 10.2.2, I installed the ArcObjects SDK for Microsoft .NET Framework, ArcGIS Engine, and the ArcGIS License Manager.  My ArcGIS Administrator indicates the ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit and ArcGIS Engine are Installed and Authorized.

I navigated to the samples and opened the MapViewerWalkthrough.sln in C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.2\Samples\ArcObjectsNet\MapViewerWalkthrough\VBNet.  I can rebuild the solution without errors or warnings, and can also run it.  When I try to open the MapViewer.vb form, I see the following Design-Time Errors:


I have confirmed the RuntimeManager.Bind functions are called in Sub Main().