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Map To KML (Conversion) with definition query

Question asked by ginomellino on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by ginomellino
Hi All,

My apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere (python maybe?) - please move if it is.

I am attempting to use python to iterate a list of properties and run the MapToKML tool so that it will create a KML showing that cadastral parcel and any surrounding data within the other layers in the MXD. The subject lot is specified by using a definition query on the subject/cadastral layer to show ONLY that lot - the extent of the layer is then used with the MapToKML tool so that the surrounds are picked up.

This all works fine. The issue I am having is that the same extents worth of parcels are being exported from the subject layer also - i.e. Map To KML is not honouring the definition query (see attached - the subject layer is the heavier black line). Is there a way to get this to honour the definition query? Should I be using the Layer To KML (Conversion) and iterating over layers individually? Am I going about this whole process in completely the wrong way - I am not sure - any advice/help welcome ;)

Thanks in advance,