Kriging giving variable results?

Discussion created by edi1511 on May 15, 2014
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Hello Expert Krigeres,

I have  wheat yield data from a Header for a paddock. After cleaning up the messy data (around the edges of the paddock etc) and
then interpolating it (1.66m resolution= default) a number of times by using the Kriging  tool set in Spatial Analyst (using default Ordinary and Spherical settings) I get slightly different results, including -ive values. All settings such as resolution the same. Why?

If I do the same thing and change the output resolution (2 m) I get different results from the first resolution at which I kriged it. I understand that. But when I do it again and again at the second resolution I sometime get the same results and sometimes get different results.

The results are different enough to throw the yield calibrations out of whack.

Details are:
Yield points are about 5 m apart in the rows and the rows are 16 m apart.

I have attached the point file. I'm interpolating on the Yield field in that file.

Sure would appreciate any suggestions for why this might be happening and how I can get stable kriging values.

Thank you,
Ernest Dunwoody