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Doubt about my geo referencing procedure

Question asked by kltrooper on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by kltrooper
I just completed creating 8 links to rectify a 1948 aerial photo TIFF to 2013 NAIP imagery, using Arc 10.2   I'm skeptical of the Residual (RMS) error, which I use to judge how effective the links are. Please see the attached screen capture. I believe that the RMS error is in the units of the arc map session, in this case, Meters. Specifically, I'm skeptical of the 0000884777 Total RMS error. Does this look reasonable?  I'm linking points on the 1948 TIFF to the same points that I've ID'd on the 2013 NAIP. Should I be linking: TIFF to Imagery? Alternatively, should I create some vector point features, overlaid on the 2013 NAIP, and then link: TIFF to point features?