Python debug or running script does not produce any results.

Discussion created by gnanicys on May 6, 2014
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I'm using the very last code titled "start simple" found at the site here

When I debug it in python 2.7.3 I see these two errors, shown in the image here [ATTACH=CONFIG]33625[/ATTACH]

I get a similar debugger error when I run a script for synchronizing as well.  I was trying to learn from the simple start script sample given but seems to not work (nothing gets logged).  I tried running as administrator as well as the final posting commenter wrote and still no luck.  I have even changed the path to use UNC paths as well and still no luck. What do these 'bdb'. run error and the <module>(),line10:import arcinfo errors mean and how to fix them? No idea where to begin, any guidance or direction would help greatly.