pre-setting default symbology for exported polygon features

Discussion created by Tift_Tax on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by dknolan
ESRI phone tech says ArcGIS cannot do this, but I'm hoping one of you good folks knows of a script that might.
I perform this operation many times in one day:

- I have a polygon feature class in a PGDB.
- I select one polygon and do a Data Export to a new shapefile (to use for clipping)
- ArcMap decides what symbology to use for the new layer/polygon
- Then I have to manually change the new layer's symbology (to no fill, red 1.5point outline, for purposes of printing)

Instead, I'm hoping to be able to pre-set a default symbology for polygons I export - much as with text, where you can set a default color, size, etc beforehand.

Any insights out there?