Neighboring Polygon Dissolve

Discussion created by dmlaz68 on Apr 16, 2014
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I have a shape file with 545 contiguous polygons all carrying different values (precinct#'s).  From this file, I have generated a Neighboring polygon analysis table reporting by each of the 545 precincts (Example attached).  This table shows me each of the adjacent/neighboring precincts for each of the 545 original precincts.  What I need to do is create a new polygon based on this analysis table where I can dissolve the adjacent precincts into a new vicinity. I can't seem to do this with a table.  It needs to be a feature class. I've tried joining the analysis table to the original shape file, however because this table is a one-to-many, I am not getting all my records returned.  I'm hoping that I'm just missing a step or that there is an easier way to go about getting a new shape file. 

I've only been a GIS staff member using ArcMap for about a month now, so ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.