Error met when registering the database

Discussion created by hazel_gao on Apr 16, 2014
I met the error when registering the database . My db vendor is DB2 V9.7 fp 9 64bit on RHEL 6 64bit
The error message was in the screenshot attached.

I googled this error message and found some similar one.

there is not resolution to DB2 in this KB article.
there is no reply in this forum topic.

Here is my env info:

My DB2 server is DB 9.7 fp9 64 bit + Spatial extender on RHEL 6 64 bit.
My ArcGIS desktop was installed on Windows 2008 server 64 bit. The DB2 client installed is DB 9.7 fp9 64 bit.
Please note that db2 client can not support 64 bit and 32 bit co-existing on the same Windows.