Clip (Data Management) isn't using input features as clipping geometry

Discussion created by davisem on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by davisem
I'm using Clip (Data management) to clip a number of fire severity rasters to some watershed polygons.  The aim is to get just the area of each fire within the relevant watershed polygon.  I have this set up in Modelbuilder so I can automate it to some extent, just changing the Output Extent (watershed polygon feature class) with each model run.  In Clip, I have specified "Use Input Features as Clipping Geometry."  When I have used this model previously, I got my desired result of just getting the part of the raster than overlapped with each polygon; any fires that DIDN'T have any overlap with the polygon in question just showed up as EMPTY rasters (which was great, not a problem).  Now when I try to use this model, I do get the fires that overlap, clipped using the polygon geometry, but fires way outside the polygon don't conveniently process as empty rasters like they did before: they show up in their entirety.  I could go through and weed out all these non relevant fire rasters by hand, but I have 48 fires and 18 watersheds and a bunch of other geoprocessing operations I need to run on the clipped fires. 

Why is this happening even though I specified "Use Input Feature as Clipping Geometry" and even though it's never happened in previous uses of this model?

Screenshot of model: