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Composite Batch Checks

Question asked by jonah84 on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by jonah84
I am still relatively new to Data Reviewer.

I am running into problems on batch jobs in autility database. When I run the batch to find violations it will return features that are modeled properly because it will violate one of the rules. 

If I run two checks both Geometry on Geometry checks
1st check: Fitting Tap must intersect a Service Line
2nd check: Fitting Tap must intesect a Main

What happens is that it returns as errors all the taps that intersect a service line, main, and the actual violations. Does data reviewer have any intelligence to understand that a feature class should particpate in multiple spatial relationships. This was difficult for me to explain and I hope this was not to confusing to follow I have attached a image to help clarify the batch check I am running Thanks a bunch and have a great day.