Select features along a measured centerline

Discussion created by stuart.blumberg on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Augustus1948

Is there a way to select features along a measured centerline (Centerline with M-Value)? For example, we have 10 points on a centerline. We add another point at a specific location. We would like to know how many features are within 100 feet of our point. However, we don't want to use Select by Location since we only want to select features that are 100 feet along the measured centerline on either side of our point. Select by location selects features almost like a buffer. We do not want to select like a buffer. We want to be able to select 100 feet along the geometry of the centerline. Please see screenshot for example - The red dot is our added point. The orange are the features to be selected. We want to select features 100 feet on either side of the red dot. The green part of the line represents the 100 foot selection area. We would like to add this to a model builder project so we can automate this task. Any ideas?