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Chapter 9 Page 355?

Question asked by john.k.white on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by tormsby-esristaff
Greetings -

I am using IE 9 as my browser. I realize there are some issues with ArcGIS.Com and IE.

I received a message on the Add Layer from File dialog box that I can only import files with less that 750 features in them. The file I am trying to import only has 170 features and IE will not allow this. I am trying to import which is step J in Exercise 9b on page 355. The other files imported with a problem.

I'll try Google Chrome or Firefox but I am curious as to why this is a problem in IE when I am clearly trying to import a file with much less than 750 features. I also did as the instructions state and clicked on the Generalize features for web display radio button. I also tried with the Keep original features and got the same message.

Should I just not be using IE at all?


John White