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Change polygons size

Question asked by nordic_den on Mar 22, 2014
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So I'm experiencing a problem with my GIS project.. I have a map of the world with each country represented as polygonswith the attribute table containing names, useful informations such as latitude, longitude and area, and I want to change their size according to some parameter of my choice (GDP for example).
Something that would look like that:


But I cannot do that through the attribute editor, the field shape_area is shown as not editable.

My  biggest issue is that I don't have a good knowledge about ArcGIS (I'm just starting to use it :p), I know nothing about coding using ArcGIS and I've no idea about what I can do to solve this problem, I don't even know if I'm in the right section of the forum (I apologize if my message is not where it should be). I thought about creating a new feature class with the scaled areas, but then I don't know how to assign those values. Maybe I just don't have the right data to be able to do that, if you need any informations about that just ask.

So any suggestion, hint, critic, ...  would be very appreciated.
Thanks a lot for reading this post :D