Mosaic Dataset only some overviews display

Discussion created by oitogrip on Mar 19, 2014
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Good Afternoon,
  I am using Arc GIS 10.2 and am in the process of creating a state wide mosaic dataset of several smaller mosaic datasets.   During the process I add new Rasters and then build the overviews.   As you can see in the top right portion of my attachment the overviews will not display at the full extent.   If I zoom in (even slightly) then the overviews for that area appear.  The overviews of the individual datasets appear at all scales so the issue isnt with the datasets that I am adding to the statewide dataset.   I also have the same issue in the bottom left corner of my picture.   Has anyone ever experienced this issue and how did you fix it?  I am trying to create an image service of the entire state of imagery by loading it into one mosaic dataset.