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IE8 cashing problems

Question asked by darinatch on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by darinatch
I created a little test app, which creates programmatically some radion buttons and buttons, loads a tiled map + feature layer, and shows a legend. Nothing fancy.

All works fine in Chrome and Firefox.
In IE8 if the Browser History settings are set to "Automatically" to Check for newer versions of the stored pages, the pages load correctly only if I clear the cache. And they do not load correctly after that if I click the refresh browser button or Ctrl+F5. When I debug using the Developer Tools, on a refresh the modules don't load, and the function creating the buttons and the map don't execute.

If I change the Browser History settings to "Every time I visit the webpage", it works fine, and if I refresh the pages they load correctly.

Attached is my little test project. Hope, someone will have some time to let me know what I am doing wrong. Just learning the AMD loader now, so I might be messing up something.

If you have had the same problem and have found a solution, please, advice!

Thank  you!