TiledMapServiceLayer undefined url spam

Discussion created by devpaul on Mar 11, 2014
Whenever we zoom in to around zoom level 18-19 the ArcGIS Javascript API v3.8 starts making requests to a null and undefined URL. It actually does this so much on Google Chrome on OSX 10.9 that it completely breaks the browser tab. It's making about 1000+ requests/second. If we let it go for too long, it degrades browser performance to the point where we need to close the browser as well. On Firefox on OSX 10.9 it doesn't break the browser tab, but this issue still occurs (looks like firefox blocks that many requests? Idk). On windows on chrome, same issue, but the browser doesn't break, same with IE 9.

We're using a proxy with a PHP back-end. Here's a screenshot of what we're seeing.


Is this a known issue? Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix for it?

To reproduce this:

Add a layer to the map.
Open dev console in browser with errors/logging on.
Zoom in to zoom level 19.

This issue doesn't seem to happen when there is only a basemap loaded though, which is baffling.