custom symbol to the local map service

Discussion created by chumma on Mar 10, 2014
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Below is the Symbol Selector dialog achieved when using ???SelectSymbol??? method of ???ESRI.ArcGIS.DisplayUI.SymbolSelectorClass??? class.


The symbols of this dialog is of type ???ESRI.ArcGIS.Display???, these symbols could be applied only to layers of MXD(of type ESRI.ArcGIS.Carto.ILayer). Hence the symbol edit applies only to the MXD, thereby new MPK has to be created and has to be reloaded to the screen, this becomes time consuming.

Is there any way this could be used for WPF map control layers so the edit symbol rendering becomes faster.

WPF map control layer only allows symbols of type ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Symbols.SimpleMarkerSymbol. Where as below are the only allowed symbol shapes. But I need to add different type of symbols available @ ???SelectSymbol??? method of ???ESRI.ArcGIS.DisplayUI.SymbolSelectorClass???.

public enum SimpleMarkerStyle
Circle = 0,
Square = 1,
Cross = 2,
Diamond = 3,
Triangle = 4,

Can anyone plz help.???

Nedu. M