Point to line for waypoints (WGS 84 UTM 47 N)

Discussion created by hlanaipanthera on Mar 4, 2014
Hello Bro & Sis,

I'm a graduate student of Environmental Conservation, and am trying to convert my patrol data (waypoints with UTM 47N WGS 84)    into line in order to calculate patrol intensity. My intention to use them as a co-variate in species distribution modeling. After trying a couple of days, I decided to ask our online group.
Let me also request solution for conversion problem. My large mammal sign survey data was collected using lat long coordinates; on the other hand, our patrol unit used UTM 47N WGS 84 in protection operation. I want to convert patrol data to use in mammal distribution.
I'm so sorry for asking many questions. I also tried to search the previous Q & A with regards to my case, but I couldn't find it.
I'd be appreciated if any bro and sis could help me.

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