Customizing Popups of GeoRSS layers in AGOL

Discussion created by jessrogers on Feb 26, 2014
Hello all!

   I'm curious if anybody has successfully customized ArcGIS Online popups from a Geo-RSS source. Specifically, we'd like to remove the stuff in the header, the FID field and also the 'Points' text shown in the layer name (see below). I've read in the documentation that this isn't possible (yet) with AGOL but I'm curious if anybody has found a work-around (perhaps by modifying the CSS) ?


   At the moment we're toying with the idea of an ETL process using either ESRI scripted methodology (link), the data interoperability extension for ArcGIS Server, or FME Server. Has anybody else dealt with a similar scenario or can you suggest another option?

Thanks in advance for any help you offer.