Divide polygone by calculated area ratio

Discussion created by annetudd on Feb 24, 2014
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Hello there,

I am pretty new to ArcMap10.1 but so far I haven´t found a proper solution to my problem in the Forum.

The main topic is tree crown delineation. I am using airborne data to create a shape file for tree crowns. It works really well for single trees but if the corwns are touching I only get a big "chunky" polygon. What I did so far after I created the polygon: By calculating area, perimter and radius of each polygone I then calculated an index (Rindex=perimeter*radius/area). For a nomral circle this ratio is 2. So if I have a big polygone with Rindex = 6, I now know, that there are approx. 3 trees inside (--> Nr_Trees = Rindex/2).

Now my actual question: How can I divide my polygons by the calculated Nr_Trees (see attached screen shot)?

If you need more data to help me solve my problem please let me know! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.