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How to do data driven pages, print to a grid pattern, dont print empty grids

Question asked by ben_vk on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2014 by cpoynter
Hi All,

I am new to Data Driven Pages, and have found them amazing when I needed them. I have only created small simple data driven page sets, and now I have to do something a little more in depth. If you look at the attached screen grab you can see I have our Local Government Area, and many pipes plotted. And for this example I am interested in the very thick Black and Purple lines you can see scattered about. Now these are the only things I really care about, and need to print. One thing to note, is that they look like a series of long lines, but they are made up of several smaller lines (and they need to stay this way), so I cannot simply data drive each item, as a line could have 100 segments (not very helpful for me).

So I have added a grid pattern as you can see, and this is what I would like to data drive my prints. But I do not need any of the other grids unless they have the thick purple and black lines within... Does this make sense?

I am unable to add/merge any data as it resides in the SDE and is locked down, I am only a 'viewer' at this stage.

Has someone overcome this type of thing before? I am a little stuck as I dont want to export several hundred pages, when I only need about 50 of them.