ArcGis making a database on arcmap

Discussion created by duzis on Feb 23, 2014

i`m making a database in arcmap on how to do proper surveileince on resident buildings.
So i created polygon shapefile, drew all buildings, gave them id by post code, wrote their adresses.
Now i want to make such a thing, when i come into attribute table choose a single building, i want it to drop a table with possible rows to pick i mean their heating consumption, electricity use, works they had this year, info about construction etc.
after choosing particular row like heating consumption i want it to drop another table just for heating consumption on how much energy this building used on particular month.
It would look like:
Building tables                      Info about buildings                  Rest of the info table
Tyzenhauz 4  ->>>               Heating consumption                 ->>>> 2013.10 1000kWh
Tyzenhauz 4  ->>>               Heating consumption                 ->>>> 2013.11 1500 kWh
Tyzenhauz 4  ->>>               electricity consumption
Tyzenhauz 4  ->>>               constructions
Tyzenhauz 4  ->>>                Works done
If i understand right its done by relating tables? But i dont understand how to do it right i mean relating and giving the  right info. Please help. I mad in word how i imagine it would look, is this possible to do?